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Elevate PVC Jump Rope

Elevate PVC Jump Rope

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Elevate PVC Jump Rope - Perfect for Beginner to Advanced Jumpers looking to do fast-paced cardio sessions, freestyle wraps, releases and combine the realm of Freestyle and Cardio skipping!


Rope Material: High Durable plastic
Handle Material : Anti-slip plastic
Rope Length : 2.8m
7MM cable foe feedback and speed (Except in black color is 5MM)



  • Quality Jump Ropes Eliminate tangling, make you trip less and allow for smooth transitions and the best jumping experience every time.
  • Highest quality PVC for a longer lifespan and gives you the freedom to jump anywhere.
  • Rock-hard, shatter-free handles give you the space to practice freestyle tricks on concrete without breaking.
  • 5MM Cable gives you the feedback you need to feel your rope and the speed you want for an effective full-body workout.
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